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[this is good] Where do you get these golden nuggets and pearls of wisdom? They are very good, thanks for sharing :-)


My Tic-Tac...They are inside you and me I call them treausers that only us can  bring to the outside..and show a soul in need that we are never alone!

I'm glad you love them like I do! and you are so welcome to my blog come anytime to get this pearls and dismonds..from me to you!

Thanks TIc-Tac..Mxxx


Wow Magicrystal....I reeeeeeeally like this.


Byron.. You like it? Then It's your's that way you will know in times of need You Have an sweet angel.next to you!

Thanks  Mxxxx

PS.. You are never alone!!  never!!



( winks)...  2


No~ I just love your flowers! They are so lovely~

 Mxx.... ( smiles)

Emma Santoro

[esto es genial]

Good Magic..true feelings!!!


Good Wisdom that does not cost a cent! Just love from me to you! Mg.. thanks


Me 2...Mr P...how are you? Yes I do have fave flowers...Al of them in the wild and the gardens in the mountains on the beaches, Do you have one for me?

Mr P..Lol



Mr. P;

I have huge files about many things that had happen in my little life, one is I do remember places, colors, sunsets, moonlights, but I never forget a good conversation among friends, The color blue is a invisible magical light that catches the eyes then the mind, Since I can remember I always had this atraction for the color blue it could be because is Magical, mixes well with any soul, and at nights those Heavens are painted by God's Hands along with the Moon, and the stars, The galaxy has to be blue! It makes it almost touchable to the eyes.

Mg... xoxoxox


No It was a natural thing to say....It's blue like me! ^-^


White will do...... that's the color that we can combine with the Rainbows!  will do!

 M x0x0


I'm still here!

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