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Gardienne du Sanctuaire
very nice this new blog, felicitation, my magic christal, I have not had too much time because I was on vacation, but soon I'll be more presente, .... I'll do lots of kisses ...   Guardian du sanctuair ,   xoxoxo

Yes this is the one I have for my poetry... vacation sounds nice where did you go? come back soon..! Bisous...Magic

Gardienne du Sanctuaire

♥♥ I took a vacation since June I went to♥♥ Brittany♥♥, to say goodbye to my Brittany, I was also in the south of France, for the sun ... and soon thereafter when I'll be there. .♥♥. top secret♥♥ for now .... super! kisses to you my friend♥♥


hello... wow.. this is fun.. vacations....I love that..! have fun and put some sun screen on you... no cancer on the skin..  kizzes...Magic

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