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PrincessK DJ

If someone belongs to another,
and is faithful to him,
in fact and reallity,
who can say whom belong the dreams?
dreams belongs to the wind...
 "stop the time!",
I'm ever with you even in absence.

Princesses can ever meet princes
and poets and knigths,
and bears and magic dragons
and butterflies and roses in dreams.
Horses can carry riders to Earth's core,
burn your heart...

(it was the last magical poem from a cheeky girl to a magic crystal... till september!)

cia amici!

thanks for ALL!
Do the best
take care of you


Princess and I will accept your magical words thill september.I wil be having you in my dreams and I will be missing you always and hope you are healthy and alive.

thill them my friend thill then...Your friend and your muse Magicrystal.

 this is the last answer until september.

Magic xoxoxo

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