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PrincessK DJ

[isto é bom] trilingual?

je meurs de ne pas te voir
de ne pas t'entendre
de ne pas te toucher
de ne pas t'embrasser

tu es l'air que je respire
le courage qui me porte
la chaleur qui m'enveloppe
le rire qui m'anime
les pleurs qui me secouent

oh mon âme
comment pourrais-je vivre sans toi
que deviendront mes nuits
tu es ma vie...


[this is good]


The best part is that you entendere el espanol. merci

tu j adore,  magique,  passion, musique, es tu poeme?

Magic ..xoxo

PrincessK DJ

in french, it's my poeme for you, I've heard and undertstood the song in espagnol and in english
and I gave you my own version
it was for this reason I said "trilingual?"


Love is not blind.. but I'm so blind

I'm a woman

 I live and breath for you.. what good does it do..

If I ain't got you... Nina Simone..

TO love somebody the way I love you.

Magical.. I love that song.. and also the ones I posted here!!

I know u did...Mxoxoxo

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