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[esto es genial]

Not only I want you to keep it...but feel it to the point that you are inside the words letter by letter babe!..You see Candy, these words, where given to me by a person who fake the friendship but I made it into a promise that not even death can brake.

When I wrote the work and details on the edit..I see that God do cries and he's tears are Diamonds, , like the rain when it threats to hit the Earth, and comes without any warning, I see God tears when it rains. and Oh! How I wish to be naked in run, and let the rain fall on my skin.like the Tears of God,,he's Diamonds...That to me is the most intimate way  ..to say Iove you..

By all means...You keep all my love and my poem and I hope soon you can write to me.. about your tears..LoveLucy


be blessed


[참 좋습니다]

Shoba....Gracias, that makes me feel sooooooooooo good inside and also, this words where given to me as a gift from a dear guy friend not to long ago!!!.. And I dare to post it as a poem for everyone to read. I wish I can write like a legacy or a old poery book full of passion and desire but I only try to give all of you the best of me in a very humble way..xoxox

Again..Gracias= thanks LoveLucy

Be blessed.x0x...~winks~

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